Another attempt to consolidate some of my various published and presented content…

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Date Content
16/09/2021 Sydney Devops Meetup - Lightning Talk - Cloud Standards with ADRs
08/08/2021 AWS EC2 Image Builder 101
24/06/2021 Home Assistant Podcast Ep 89 - Using Home Assistant to help sick family around the home with Keiran
5/05/2021 Enchilada - Orchestrating Apache Guacamole in AWS
16/04/2021 Democratising Cloud development standards with Architecture Decision Records (ADRs)
25/03/2021 Whitepaper - Cloud Deployment Patterns + (Local Mirror)
1/11/2020 AWS Cloud Security Virtual Event - Architecting for PCI DSS Compliance on AWS (Labs & Video)
27/08/2020 Branch based build patterns in AWS
3/08/2020 Scaling Standard Operating Environments in AWS
29/07/2020 Using AWS Lambda for Home Assistant notifications and automations
24/07/2020 My Home Automation configuration and approach using Home Assistant
24/11/2019 RDS Database exports to S3 for Sitecore
07/11/2019 Running Sitecore on AWS
18/09/2019 Pulling Puppet’s Strings with AWS OpsWorks CM
08/05/2019 Music to My Ears – A Modern Cloud Architecture for Legacy Audio Streams
27/09/2018 Auditing Bitbucket Server Data for Credentials in AWS
15/04/2017 Understanding The AWS Autoheal Pattern
26/10/2017 Unlocking Azure with Puppet Enterprise (PuppetConf)
22/06/2017 Automated Puppet Compile Masters in Microsoft Azure
22/06/2017 Puppet Azure Metadata module for Facter
25/05/2017 Testing Puppet with Bitbucket Pipelines
30/06/2016 Policy-based autosigning in Azure (
09/10/2015 Order in a World of Snowflakes (PuppetConf)
13/06/2013 De-Orbiting [RedHat] Satellite Server
21/05/2013 Bringing Order to Chaos with Puppet